WhatsApp Updates has been frequent in the last few years. The chat app has received several major updates in the recent past like Sticker packs, PiP mode, a shortcut button for group calls to name few. But this is not it. There are more new features in the pipeline and they could be coming pretty soon.

Before launching any feature in the app, WhatsApp first holds its beta tests. Under the beta test, the feature is first rolled out to a select group of people who have signed up for the beta testers. Once the test is successful, the chat company then rolls out the feature as a stable build.

WaBetaInfo, the website that keeps a close watch on all the beta updates of the WhatsApp  Updates has hinted on several big updates that are expected to come shortly on WhatsApp.

Dark mode: For starters, the chat company is planning to add a dark mode to the app. The feature is already present in many popular apps like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Dark mode is an interface with a dark background and white icons. It puts less strain on the eyes when using the phone in dark. It also helps you conserve the battery on your phone.

Group invitation link: This is the most highly anticipated feature and would solve one of the biggest problems of WhatsApp which is being added to unwanted chat groups. Group invitation feature will basically let the user decide if he or she wants to be added in any WhatsApp group or not. WhatsApp will introduce a Groups option inside the Privacy option which would have options to control who can add the user to any group.

WhatsApp biometric lock feature: While the iOS users have already received the feature, Android users are yet to receive this feature in the app. This feature allows you to lock WhatsApp using your biometric details which include your Face ID or your fingerprints. iOS users can activate this feature by getting inside the Settings> Account> Privacy> enable the Screen Lock.

Sorting the Status: The latest buzz is that WhatsApp is working on a new algorithm that will help sort Status updates according to the relevance. The sorting would be based on various factors like who do you interact most with, whose Status do you watch more often or who posts Status more.