Game of Thrones is back on air after a long time and is currently the hot topic of discussion. Considering this is the last season of this mega show, fans have been trying to stay on par with the world and watch the first episode as and when the world watches. In India, Hotstar has been exclusively streaming the latest episodes of Game of Thrones for the last few years while the HBO has been serving it to the TV viewing crowds.

While many catch up on their Game of Thrones episodes by illegally downloading the episodes via Torrents, there are only a few legal ways in India to watch the show. If you have a TV and a set-top box connection, then you can simply subscribe to HBO to watch the show at the same time as the world watches it. You can also wait for the airing on Star World if you aren’t comfortable with the blood and gore of the show

However, if you belong to the Gen Z and watching Game of Thrones with your mates on your laptop or watching it alone on your phone is your thing, then Hotstar is the sole way. However, unlike cricket matches that can be watched for free, Game of Thrones is a part of the paid subscription packages and if you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to watch it.

What subscription plans does Hotstar offer?

Hotstar presently offers three subscription plans:

–A monthly plan costing Rs 299 per month.

–A VIP plan costing Rs 365 for an entire year.

–A Premium plan costing Rs 999 for a year.

The VIP plan offers the best value – should you go for it to watch GoT?

The VIP plan was introduced a few months ago. The plan was offered as a cheaper alternative to the Premium plan that costs Rs 999. On paper, the VIP plan seems to offer almost all the benefits the Premium plan offers. However, if you are willing to get this for watching Game of Thrones, you should stay away from this plan.

The VIP plan only offers access to half of the stuff Hotstar has and the plan excludes Game of Thrones. The VIP subscription is meant for those who don’t want English content – English shows and Hollywood movies. The VIP subscription only offers access to all sports channels with a live broadcast, Hindi TV shows and Hindi movies.

Therefore, Game of Thrones isn’t part of this subscription plan and if you were planning to the VIP plan for Game of Thrones, then you will be wasting your money.

Which plan is best to watch Game of Thrones?

If you solely want to watch Game of Thrones on Hotstar, then the monthly plan at Rs 299 is a great deal. Previously, all Game of Thrones seasons has been aired over a period of two months. Therefore, a subscription to Hotstar Premium for two months will almost cost you Rs 600, giving you access to Game of Thrones. You will also get access to other English shows and Hollywood blockbusters.

However, if you prefer value over everything else, then the annual Premium plan at Rs 999 is unmatched. Not only you do get to watch Game of Thrones, but you also get so many other shows and movies. For almost a year, this is more cost-effective than all the other plans. And you can keep on watching the older seasons of Game of Thrones comfortable for almost a year, even when the show retires.