Google is now making it easier for users to download apps they actually need to.Google’s Instant Apps give you a trial of an Android app before installing them.

Google has started to roll out a new “try now” button next to apps on its Google Play store. As the name suggests, users can try out an app before installing on the device. The new button is part of Google’s Instant Apps platform which was introduced last year and opened for developers in May this year.

At the moment, there are as many as six apps that are compatible with Google’s Instant Apps. These apps include BuzzFeed News, Skyscanner, Red Bull TV and NYTimes – Crossword. These apps will be initially available for select devices, Google says on its support page.

How does Instant Apps work?

The idea behind Instant Apps is to help users discover and run apps they actually need to. The feature can come in handy for users having low storage devices, especially in markets such as India. It may require high-speed internet for a smooth functioning. If you have spotted a “try now” button next to an app on Play store, here’s what you need to know.

On clicking the try now button, Google will check if there’s a preview version of the application. It is worth noting that the preview version will work only if you don’t have the app installed on your device.