Google announces new features now you can run 15 seconds non-skippable Video ads on Youtube and search engine Video ad Partners.

Previously these type of ads only accessible to some selected advertiser who are running Display and Video Ads.

Search Giant is introducing the 15-second non-skippable video ad format from YouTube over to Video 360, Google Ads, and Display.

Google 15 second non skippable ads

In an announcement, the company states:

“Today we’re expanding access to advertisers running auction campaigns. Recognizing that advertisers should have access to the full range of creative options regardless of how they buy – whether in advance via reservation or in the Google Ads auction.”

An advertiser can create this video Ad by creating a new campaign through Google Ads Display Ads and video 360 .

This video ad displayed among Youtube and Google Ad partners, Soon it will be accessible very soon to all the advertiser.