If you own a business, you ought to expect reviews at some point. Getting loaded with reviews definitely means people have begun to know your brand. But are they knowing it the right way? Sad to say, you may be handling your business really well, but controlling negative reviews is out of your hands. Negative reviews can get on your nerves if you don’t handle them right. Bullies are there online as well! More than schools, they can do you evil sitting online too. And they can be worst if they pick on your brand. So, do you know how to respond? If you are not free from doubts, our approach will help you. Read more to grab the successful 5 tricks to handle negative reviews.

1. Keep an eye on your online customer reviews.

As you would already know, the world of the internet is too big. In fact, it is so vast that you can’t always know what people are talking about your brand. That is why online bullies can sometimes go completely unnoticed by you. At often times, owners of small businesses make the mistake of not monitoring their online reviews. And how can you do that? You can claim your online profiles and always keep track of conversations. Make sure that you are always polite and rational in all your responses. Only a constant presence on these online profiles will help you in maintaining a positive reputation of your business.

2. Know when to respond and when not.

Like we told you before as well, negative online reviews can get you in a frenzy. You would want to do everything you can to tell the world that the reviewer is so wrong. But getting your fumes out here would definitely not be a good idea at all. That is why we will suggest you to first ensure whether you need to actually respond to the negative customer review. Sometimes, making a reply instantaneously might make things worse for your brand image. So, grab a moment and think over.

Consider whether the complaint is at all legitimate. If the concerns seem to be genuine, you should surely post a reply. Respectfully respond to the critic and seek for an apology to win the trust of the reviewer. Apologizing sincerely to genuine complaints can positively transform the negative reviews.

3. Research and inquire what went wrong.

If you can, it would be very helpful to consider what went wrong that compelled the person to post negatively about you. Research and inquiry would be a suitable approach to follow here. You can always ask your employees to know about the experience of this particular person. Off and on, there could be people who might have never hired your services. They could be posting negative customer reviews on behalf of competitors. The solution to such a situation will be clear to you only when you know the truth.

Inquiring your team about a particular customer’s concern will resolve that customer’s issue and also smoothen your business processes for the future.

4. Have in mind how you will respond.

Do you have a plan of action when it comes to responding to negative customer reviews? Writing a reply and posting it on the portal to respond directly to the person is one good approach many business owners follow. However, if your venture is newly set up, you can always take the other route, that is of a personal offline approach. If this person has been your customer, you might be having the contact details with you. On the off chance that you don’t have, you can always ask them on the portal. To know the benefits of both the approaches, responses that are public are easy for everyone else to see. So the idea goes across that you really care for every customer. While a personal offline approach will surely overwhelm the reviewer who may change his or her opinions in the review about your brand.

The best thing about a personal offline approach is that the customer will surely tell more people about your brand and sincere services. So, you can hope for more customers dropping in.

5. Respond and resolve the matter at the earliest.

It is natural to get mad when people criticize your products and services. While you may be very thoughtful and considerate in your research, the more time you take in handling negative online reviews, the worse will your brand suffer. The key to online reputation management is that you have to be quick in your response, then be it the evil online bullies or your disappointed customers. The sooner you confront these issues, the better will your brand raise.

Choosing not to respond at all can set you back from progress. Do you know why? You may not be monitoring reviews about your brand on platforms effectively. But those unlikely reviews could influence other people to never trust your products or services. Online recommendations surely play a big role in making or breaking purchase decisions.

A few tips before we wind-up!

Tip 1:

Never get personal in your response. Always be professional and polite even when the customer may be disappointing.

Tip 2:

Reply only to reviews that you think are genuine. And when you respond, be clear in your words so there is no room for misinterpretation.

Tip 3:

Always thank the reviewer, whether the review is positive or negative. Acknowledge them for bringing the bad experience to your attention.