A website is a showcase for your business , while designing website some people’s didn’t keep important thing in their mind, so  website could not perform well and planning and strategy for creating a website will not meet their goal.

Here some important point to keep in mind while creating a website.

  1. A website should be a mixture of Micro & Macro Activities.
  2. There is should be more of micro activities which are actually meant to engage the visitor on your website, further they there should be more macro activities.
  3. Macro activities should be bold, preferably with th bright background colour.
  4. Avoid using colour black for macro activities.
  5. A website should always follow some specific colour pattern(website theme).
  6. Try not to put copied content on your website,if you do then you should give the (Source of Content) and put hyperlink on the source. according to google standard a website should contain 79 % of owned Content.
  7. The text on your website should be visible to human eye. standard should be Font= Times New Roman , Text Size 12
  8. DO not Upload videos directly to your website, upload them via video platform like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion Etc . if you video directly on website it will reduce he loading time of your website which is not good for SEO point of view.
  9. Avoid uploading images with pixel density 1080p , instead upload images with pixel density as 720. reason 1080p images are higher in size.
  10. It is advisable to use the image extension .png instead of .jpeg. the reason being .png images have faster loading times compare to .jpeg
  11. While writing content on your website a single paragraph should not have more than 6-7 lines.
  12. In case you have a content heavy website it is advisable to represent the data in tabular form.
  13. it is advisable to open new pages or links in new tab.

So have a look at this checklist next time you are on way of web designing.
Comment below with your list.