Faced with severe backlash last year over violation of users’ privacy globally, social media giant Facebook is planning to launch a new feature that enables its users to see how their personal information is being used for advertisements on their profile, a report in TechCrunch said.

The new feature has been titled “Why am I seeing this ad?” will be introduced on February 28, the report said. Earlier, this option only showed details about the brand which bought the ads and the details of demographic targeting.

Now, Facebook’s new feature will also show the time your contact information was uploaded and when its access was shared between the partners. This feature means that the users will be able to see the date that a brand or an agency added your personal contact information to Facebook’s ad management system.

In another development, Facebook has decided to hire many key members from blockchain company Chains pace, reported Cheddar. Chain space which was founded by University College London researchers who were building a “decentralized payments system” using smart contracts. The Chains pace team also has co-founders Shehar Bano, George Danezis and Alberto Sonnino.

As it moves forward, code and documentation of Chain space will still be open source and its already published academic work will also be available.