Social networking today is about broadcasting content, privately messaging, and anonymously having a say on discussion threads. Think about it a minute and you will realize that there is gap that does not provide an environment where we can easily connect and make friends with like-minded people who share the same interests.

hello was created to bridge this gap.hello is the first social network built on the bricks of loves, not likes. It connects you with people who share the same interests and passions and provides a place for authentic communication where you can freely and safely be yourself.

hello is available for both Android and Apple stores. Once you’ve downloaded it, your journey of communicating and building friendships with people who love the same things you do shall begin.

Key Features to explore in hello


Once you have downloaded hello, the most important choice that you will come across is ‘Personas’ which will allow you to pick the 5 most relatable traits that define you. The range of options starts from an animal lover, Bollywood fan, coffee lover, cricket fan, dancer, dog owner, environmentalist, philosopher, fashion enthusiast and many more.


One of the unique features of hello is the folio which is your home feed and it is populated with content based on your personas, hence, it is totally relevant to you.


Communities are created by the members of hello letting you be a part of something unique and specific to your interests. For example, you may have chosen movie lover as a persona and either joined or created a community that is crazy about sci-fi movies. Communities give you the opportunity to chat and exchange experiences with others who share your deep interests. [Starting your own community requires you to earn an achievement which can be done by posting on a persona or a community.You can easily do so by posting original content which is much appreciated and welcomed on the platform. –Comment – not sure it’s necessary to talk about the requirements for starting a community. It feels like a big hurdle in an intro piece.]

Make connections

Up for a casual chat? Starting a conversation is easy and hassle-free. Just share something that you love with the community. You can also join an ongoing discussion or leave a comment on a jot that you found interesting. There is also a direct messaging feature where you can share messages, pictures and hello gifts.

Milestones and rewards

The more you venture into hello, you will not only be reviving your social media presence but at the same time reaching new milestones and unlocking rewards like winning hearts from your fellow hello friends. In short, you will be appreciated and rewarded for being you, the real you!

Users on hello share their creations, ideas, and experiences with communities of like-minded individuals to build new connections and friendships. The beauty of hello is the experience of easily discovering communities of friendly people who have something in common with you.