Although we saw in the day as would be the smart glasses of this manufacturer, it is now that in an event organized by Unity in Europe each summer, Microsoft took advantage of a talk on the reality Mixed and evolution with human interaction, to confirm that the viewer Lenovo, HMD with Windows Mixed Reality would arrive later this year, specifically at Christmas.

Precisely on those dates, we will also know and see other viewers using Microsoft technology. What will happen this summer is the development kit of those glasses developers and developers that are in the Windows Mixed Reality program. In this way, developers have time to adapt their applications to the different HoloLens style headsets that will be released later this year, such as LenovoAcer or HP.

This means that by the end of the year we will know more details about these products. Thus we will have more details of the movement controllers and different characteristics of each sensor since, the intention of the Microsoft API is to support all the viewers of this style natively. Is this the first train of mixed reality to the general public? , What do you think about it?